Sunday, November 4, 2012

Of love and loss

All those who wander are not lost.

All that you love will be carried away.

All those who wander, for lost love, will be carried away, in time.

All those who love, all those who lost, will be carried away, in time.

All those who loved, all those who lost, and not,
All those who fought, all those who dreamt, and not,
Will be carried away, in time, by time.

-Special thanks to J.R.R Tolkien, Alfie Zimmer, and Gopikrishnan Nair


Subha said...

All those who love,
All those who dream,
All those who live and stand up to fight,
All those who lose,
All those who cry,
All those who give up and return tired,
Time knows no difference,
Neither bias,
Fly they will,
For its Time that wins...

candlelight soldier said...

Subha- you are much better than I am , at this : ) Do yu have a blog, where I can read more of these?