Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter rhymes

My love is cold,
The embers of a fire
frozen in time.
The flowers in my hand,
a dull grey,For colours are meant
for spring,much less for winter.
My kiss is the cold touch of mist
On her cheeks,
the warmth of the heart lost,
Left along the boulevards we walked.
Dreams,once wild and vivid,
now left just as frames,
in black and white.


Netha Hussain said...

Powerful writing..A beautiful play of colours..Looks like you are a painter ..
"Dreams,once wild and vivid,
now left just as frames,
in black and white."
Loved these lines the most..Are you speaking of lost love?

Tempest said...

Nice one man. First impression was WOW! Keep it up, and check out my blog as well.. will probably add another poem this week.. Your poem's inspired me :)

Bullranger said...

nice work man....stirring words...lost love....ahem

vj said...

the thng abt love is ..
it brings out the creative best out of nyone who hv riskd falling fr it..tats d very thng tat got u spinning words i sppose..way to go!

candlelight soldier said...

actualy,its not love itself that made me write it..t was d the lack of it..

Nikita said...

Just stepped in ur blog..
its amazing work done..
I thot its about winters as i begun to read but its abt a shattered heart and a love story..perfect symbolism..

candlelight soldier said...

thanx nikita..its inspiration is from a hollow space inside my mind/heart..

Riya said...

Brilliant writing...There is a hidden melody in "Winter Rhymes"... Beautiful... Keep writing...

candlelight soldier said...

thankyu is powerful.It can inspire millons,it can destroy civilizations..