Sunday, June 14, 2009

At the gates..

I'm back and what a time to be...Its been pretty long and, i don’t wanna make any excuses. The deal is, plain and simply I couldn't bring myself to the task of sittin down here and type away. But now that part is actually over, the stone has started rolling down the hill, and the cog wheels are clicking, settling in to the rhythm they should be following…

I’m a person with an image memory, now this is not to be confused with the photographic memory which, gott sei dank, I do not possess. Its just that I’ve pictures or really short clips in my mind for anything worth keeping in there, rather than full length movies. To put things into perspective, here’s a little example (Boy, Do I sound like a science teacher!!!).. like my first ever memory of school. I think they’d hung balloons all over the class to put the newly arrived crying, puking, screaming bunch of midgets, yours truly included, at ease.. And I remember the balloon bursting, and me breakin into tears with a time lag of 2 micro seconds..

Ah, school, good clean fun it was. If the devil appeared in my room and start a business talk about my soul(as if the devil has nothing better to do than bargain for that),I’d definitely ask him for a machine that you can go back in time for.. I think there’s not a single guy or girl out here who, at some point of time or space, who haven’t wished for undoing something they have done...But of course, life is a one way turnpike, and as somebody’d said,”fun is fun and done is done”..

Yeah,talkin about images,some of them just stay in your mind and refuse to go away. Trivial things it maybe, nonetheless, sometimes they make you think and think.And some of those images, I feel are to be shared among people.Thats what I think I’ll be doing here,till I get bored and move on to something else.O’course,guys get bored with anything and everything,and some of my female friends may well testify on that behalf..but ofcourse,there are a select few who actually hold on to their normal lives so hard,like sailors in a sinking ship.

I have absolutely zit to do these comin days, and if some of you are actually interested in reading all these silly rambling tales, stay tuned. And don’t forget, feel free to post your comments,ranging from downright insults to heavenly praise. So until tomorrow,alvida,my unknown friends....

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